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Getting to the wild places we treasure is also carbon intensive . And carbon consumption is causing damage to these same places we say we love and must defend.

In an attempt to be as conservative as possible we are beginning to offer a ride share program to reduce the amount of fuel used by all visitors to these places and the number of over head flights we all experience while in the field. There are many times when Wilderness Alaska only uses one leg of a flight or a water taxi. The plane or boat is empty the other way.

Starting this year, we will list these unused legs on the calendar below. As an example, in the box for June 10 it may say pick-up: Arctic Refuge, Kongakut R or alternatively drop-off: Prince William Sound, Harriman Fiord. These refer to the portion that is available. If you had interest, then you just call us for more details. If you were unfamiliar with the area, we can offer some suggestions about the area, or better yet, you could select our No Guides, No Gears service and we would design an outing for you using those logistics. To confirm your reservation, you will make a non- refundable deposit payment of $250 to Willderness Alaska. Balance payment is due 14 days before the logistical event. Your total will be 50% of the entire trip.

Flexibility is important. There are times when we need to alter our outings to respond to weather or natural events like fire or draught. We will discuss any changes with you and if they prove to be unacceptable for you then we will refund your deposit and any other payments made. It's hard to call what we do eco-tourism, if we don't try our best to reduce all our impacts to the country. We invite you to join us in doing our best for the wilderness we all cherish.