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I spent 21 days on the Kongakut this June and all I can remember is being in a state of constant bliss; it was so incredible. The river was quite low and required a considerable amount of sweat equity to get down, but the water was insanely clear and the floral bloom steady throughout. We did 4 new hikes and I came up with an entirely new way to float the river which I plan to experiment with in 2018. To top it off, we saw a new mammal, mink, on the river. The slide show here, generously provided by our friend Tim Grams, is from our successful fall Wind River trip which celebrated fall colors and auroras in their prime. Another great year.

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2019 Summer Schedule

Looking for something to do this summer? Wilderness Alaska has at least 43 good ideas for a summer worth dreaming about and then some. Sea kayaking, backpacking, packrafting, paddle rivers large and small. We can even design an adventure that you can do bareback (No Guides, No Gear). Check out the schedule or call for custom small group reservations. Your next great adventure awaits in northern Alaska.

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May 22 - 29, July 15 - 21, August 12 -18 Prince William Sound sea kayaking
June 12 - 21, July 27 - August 5, August 5 - 14 Kongakut River
June 30 - July 6, August 12 - 17 Kongakut Foothills packraft
June 15 - 22 Marsh Fork River
July 3 - 11, August 5 - 13 Latitude 69 Traverse packraft
August 5 - 16 Marsh Fork/Canning Rivers
August 6 - 17 4x2 Southside packraft
August 16 - 21 Lower Canning/coastal plain packraft
August 26 - Sept 4 Sheenjek River

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Guided Adventures in the Last Frontier - Since 1972!

Since 1972, Wilderness Alaska has safely conducted quality exploration and educational trips across the width and breadth of Alaska's Brooks Range. Our nation's largest wilderness mountain range is located above the Arctic Circle and covers more than 75,000 square miles of northern Alaska. This magnificent and rarely visited region embraces unique wildlife communities, uninterrupted vistas and nameless expanses. But even more importantly, these inviting mountains and valleys offer a freedom and a sense of wonder and fulfillment to those willing to take the country on its own terms - to those who will wade an icy stream and huff their way to the high alpine splendor of the Arctic.

Wilderness Alaska has the experience, safety record, personal service and attention to individual goals to make your trip the special adventure you want it to be. We specialize in small personalized trips to rarely visited regions. In 2012 we are again offering a full variety of original outings into the timeless splendor of America's last wilderness mountain range. We continue to expand our offerings of increasingly popular sea kayaking trips in Prince William Sound to complement one's Arctic experience or as an alternative.

Along with the adventure and sheer euphoria of just being there, each of our trips tries to focus on an individual species, a particular phase of their life history or general natural history and examine it from the unique arctic perspective. Along the way of our casual examination into these lives you will see an intricate web of life woven here and though we may be looking at caribou, we may become equally familiar with grizzlies, golden plovers and woolly louseworts. We hope afterwards our adventure will have animated the delicate mysteries that unfold in the high arctic. With scenery and wildlife at their apogee, the experience of a lifetime awaits.

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