Season's Schedule


A significant portion of any remote wilderness trip price is logistical costs. In 2011, after the prices had been published, fuel prices spiked. We needed to ask for a small surcharge to compensate with this unexpected and uncontrollable event. Fuel prices have been stable lately and a surcharge is unlikely. However, if we are in a similar situation and you feel that it is inappropriate, Wilderness Alaska will refund your deposit or adjust in an acceptable manner. We hope that you understand the volatility in today's transportation sectors which are much more difficult to depend on or predict several months in advance. Thank You.


Reservations are accepted on a "first come first serve" basis. Trip size is strictly limited to five for hiking, six for kayaking trips and eight for float trips.

Once the field season begins we are often hard to reach in town and new trips are much more difficult to arrange. Try to reach us as early as possible, especially when custom trips are desired. With enough advanced notice, we can usually arrange custom trips for small groups. Please, if the schedule doesn't seem to work, check to see what we might do.

When a trip's capacity is reached, subsequent applications are placed on a waiting list or will be advised of the most similar experience that has space available. Conversely, for a small surcharge we will guarantee the departure of any tentative trip and return the charge if the additional guests sign up later.

A $500 deposit secures a reservation. The balance of the trip fee is required 30 days prior to departure. Upon receipt of deposit, Wilderness Alaska will send confirmation of the reservation, information about your specific trip, equipment recommendations, suggested reading and maps and answers to any of your questions regarding the trip.

Cancellations made earlier than 45 days before departure will receive a refund less $300 processing fee. Cancellations within 45 and 30 days will result in the loss of the full deposit and cancellations within 30 days will forfeit all fees paid to date.

Wilderness Alaska cannot be responsible for any costs associated with delays due to contingencies beyond their control. This year we are asking all guests to purchase trip insurance. Wilderness Alaska is discounting all trips by $100 as a contribution to your purchase. Climate change has become our principal concern creating flooding and unsafe travel conditions. We ask you to provide a proof of purchase of your trip insurance with your balance. Thanks for understanding.

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Make a Reservation

To make a reservation please send a letter, email or call:

Wilderness Alaska

P.O. Box 113063

Anchorage, Alaska 99511

phone: 907-345-3567

Macgill's cell phone: 907-748-6112


Advice For First Time Visitors

Lots has been said of Alaska, but the moniker, Last Frontier, probably rings with the most truth. Once you wander off the road, you have entered a new reality of wild country and sometimes we encounter circumstances not fully controllable. We have wild animals, wildfires, draughts and floods, snow storms in July, early break-ups and late break-ups, low snow winters and high bug summers. The most consistent thing we have is the unpredictability. If it is essential that Wilderness Alaska sticks to a specific trip without regard/respect for unpredictable realities we may not be able to help you. My suggestion is to go with a newer, less experienced organization, they may think they can accurately predict each of the many variables of a wilderness journey.

Alaskan SkyAfter 30 plus years, we realize how dynamic the country can be and that it is best to roll with the conditions rather than force a prescribed plan that may be challenged by one of these unpredictable natural events. Our goal is for you to experience Alaska on the safest most responsible terms possible. We want you to enjoy your time here and to relish your next visit. So on our watch, we will respond to the unpredictable and as a last resort, consider altering your trip in a manner to enhance your experience rather than to run it into the proverbial brick wall and become a, I survived....story. If there isn't water in the river, we are going to find you one with water rather than make you drag a boat 40 miles. This should sound sensible, if it doesn't than I invite you to call and discuss our attitude. The best thing is to have an open mind and be prepared mentally and physically for change. Lemonade instead of lemons.