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So you want to strike out on your own, but you're not quite sure where to go or perhaps any of the "how" of doing it. Our consultation process called No Guides , No Gear is aimed at helping you design, plan, pack and conduct a safe trip on your own without a guide.

How does it work? Once you contact us, we need to have a preliminary conversation to outline your interest, ambition, goals and level of expertise. This is then combined with a time frame, both how long and when, and a logistical budget. After this initial phase, I will propose a few options. With over 40 years of travel experience in the Brooks Range, I feel confident that I can offer an appropriate outing that will be significantly more unique than the one you may have read about in a national magazine or was suggested to a Park Service intern. Once you are happy with one, then I will finalizing the details for you. I will send you maps with the logical route and back-up routes and some notes of points of interests, equipment lists, reading lists, general information on the area and arctic travel, suggestions for packing food and menus, and a brief primer of how I run my trips. I will also suggest pilots and flight services that we feel comfortable with and use. I will also make your reservations with them if you wish. During your packing and planning process, you will inevitably come up with many more questions that we will help you with along the entire way.

Of course, not everyone needs such a comprehensive package, accordingly I am willing to provide more targeted information at a reduced rate relevant to the time and energy of each project. If interested we can discuss the specifics before we begin.

Our goal will be to help you accelerate your learning curve so you can enjoy your trip more, avoiding the many pitfalls that handicap the first time visitor and travel more respectfully across the fragile northern tundra habitat. This consultation package costs $595. Information details are sent after receipt of full payment.